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Bringing Mardi Gras to a Home Theater

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By Arlen Schweiger

Festive and well-designed lighting sets the mood for this Mardi Gras-inspired home theater, but it never detracts from this room’s main purpose: to provide a stellar movie viewing experience.

Collaboration between the home theater designers at Cinemacoustic Solutions (CSi), Coral Springs, Fla., and the A/V installation team at Connected Technology (CT), Melbourne, Fla., ensured a harmonious fusion of art and electronics.

The effect is a huge departure from the theater that once occupied this space, and to make it more comfortable and accommodating, Connected Technology’s first order of business was to redo the old seating.

“Originally, the theater had three rows of seating, which stretched just six-and-a-half feet deep for a very tight squeeze for theatergoers when walking between the rows,” explains Connected Technology president Joe Nelson. “Once the theater layout was defined, CT and the homeowner brought CSi on board to handle the fit and finish of the room, including the themed cinema imagery acoustic panels.”

Performance Along with Party Atmosphere


The new layout composed of custom-crafted Continental Seating provides comfortable accommodations where the full impact of the theater can be appreciated. The A/V equipment chosen for theater leaves as big an impression as the room design.

For audio, Connected Technology installed a 12.6-channel surround- sound system to rock the room featuring Bay Audio speakers, an Anthem Statement D2v preamplifier with a pair of Anthem P5 325 watts/channel amps and four Bay Audio 1000W subwoofer amps.

An Avielo Helios projector from Display Development and 138-inch screen from Stewart Filmscreen combine to produce stunning, large-screen video that doesn’t get lost among the room’s colorful accoutrements.

And what would a theater this sophisticated be without an advanced control system? Connected Technology included this, too, installing a Savant processor and Select Remote to smoothly manage the operation of all the electronics in the room.

9 Awesome Acoustical Panels

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By Tom LeBlanc

Imagine, if you will, the acoustical panels in a home theater.

You’re probably picturing something red, maybe maroon, maybe even blue.

Maybe you’re picturing that universally-used zigzagy pattern somebody once decided was perfect for home theaters.

You’re probably not picturing a tropical beach, the streets of Venice or your favorite movies’ posters.

Cinemacoustic Solutions is looking to breathe new life in the acoustic treatment category with its Cinema Imagery Product line, which allows customers to choose an image to be embedded in their acoustic panels.

They can pick their vacation photos, art prints or a gallery of Marlin Brando movie posters. The integrators pass the request along to Cinemacoustics, which ships the custom panels in three to five weeks.

Cineacoustics isn’t alone in terms of creating crafty panels. Auralex also has some creative solutions. But the concept of turning a photo into a panel in about a month seems new.

How it Works

Jupiter, Fla.-based Atlantic Smart Technologies (AST) has already provided home theater clients with the recently-launched Cinema Imagery Product panels. Some clients went the movie poster route, says vice president and director of A/V systems design Brian Grimo.

AST has also worked with professional athletes who wanted photos of their playing careers embedded in their panels.

The great thing, Grimo says, is the Cinema Imagery Product line allows AST to provide personalized décor while “maintaining the acoustical properties that are so often overlooked in regards to the overall performance of the theater.”

The hand-crafted panels are available in 1- or 2-inch absorptive, reflective or diffusive models and are custom-made using wood frames stained in a variety of finishes. Being able to add a favorite movie scene, vacation photos or whatever clients want gives installs “limitless possibilities,” says Cinemacoustic president Leeford Waite.

Converting those possibilities to images on clients’ home theater walls is a pretty painless process, Grimo says. After determining what photos or movie posters his clients want, AST generally finds the high-resolution images online and sends either a .jpg or .tif to Cinemacoustics.

“[It] transfers the image digitally to a computer file and then transfers the image digitally to the panel,” he says. “This way we know that the artwork has been purchased by the client and can return the poster to them when we are done.”

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